Anonymous Asked:
All of the Wenbie posts somehow made me ship it despite my previous hardcore neutrality. Well done, submitters. Well done.

ahaha that wasn’t even submitters, 90% of this blog’s content is just one person who happens to really like wenbie :P

nonetheless, welcome friend.

Anonymous Asked:
do you need any more submissions? i already submitted some but I'll be willing to search for more uvu

we always need submissions :’D there isn’t too much to work with, so whenever you stumble upon an idea that’d work, it’d be awesome to submit it!! 

these anons are so great, thank you so much!! also, i can try to find these on my own, but it’ll really help if you send me links.  but spaces between the dots or go on submit, it makes it really convenient for me!

alright, guys, that’s all i got.  submit ideas or this blog will waste away to the sands of time.